• Structure From Motion and Airborne Laser Scanning
    through SAPR for estimating forest variables – Download
  • Remote sensing from RPAS for forest resources monitoring – Download
  • Airborne LIDAR Scanning for forest biomass estimation – Download


  • Action B1 – Database with harmonized data – Download
  • Action B1 – Technical Report – Download
  • Action B2 – Assessment of data collected and list of missing data – Download
  • Action B3 – Maps of European Forest Types – Download
  • Action B3 – Report on the technical and economic viability of using high spatial resolution optical data to stratify by EFTs – Download
  • Action B3 – Maps of SFM indicators – Download
  • Action C3 – Analysis of ante-project assessment – Download


  • Forest Inventory Attribute Prediction Using Lightweight Aerial Scanner Data in a Selected Type of Multilayered Deciduous Forest – Download


  • Poster presented at XIV Conference AISSA – Download
  • Poster presented at the PhDday 2017 – Comparison of  Two Remote Sensing Techniques (Aerial and Terrestrial) With Traditional Field-Based
    Method for Forest Invetory – Download


  • Airborne LiDAR Scanning for Forest Biomass Estimation (OBEN) – Download
  • Remote sensing from RPAS for forest resources monitoring – Download
  • Workshop LIFE+IMAGE – Download
  • RPAS “eBee” for environmental surveys – Download
  • FRESh LIFE Demonstrating Remote Sensing Integration in Sustainable Forest Management – Download