The counselling society Demetra is a private association of professional agronomists made up for associated
members, three employees and a professional external staff specialized in forestry and technical- economical matters.

Demetra was born in 2001 and since then it works in the area of technical-economical advice especially focused on agricultural, food and forestal sections.
In the last few years the society actively co-operated on some important projects belonging to the area of Rural development, Eco-innovation and Programme Life+.

Demetra has a wide experience on management of EU-financed projects, on forestry, and technical- economical guidance
of private companies of forestal and agricoltural sectors.
Moreover, Demetra carried out economical and socio-economic analyses in the forestry, agriculture and environment sectors.This is thereason why Demetra has within its staff, beyond the for agronomists, a commercial expert and an accountant; in this way the company can count on high profile partners in terms of knowledge and competence in economical subjects.
Previous experiences in other projects belonging to Life+ allow Demetra to be able to co-operate directly to the administrative management of the project.