Action B.3 – Mapping SFM indicators

The Action is aimed at demonstrating the feasibility of integration of data collected in Actions B1 and B2 for mapping SFM indicators, at the spatial scales appropriate for the SFM decision-making, in the pilot areas.

The focus of the activity is to test and evaluate methods coupling remote sensed information (LiDAR and multispectral optical data) collected from RPAS, with plot-level data, in order to derive:

  • maps of selected Forest Europe SFM indicators;
  • a stratification of medium to large scale forest units by European Forest Types (EFTs);
  • spatial estimation of SFM indicators.

Here below an example of the results from this action, new maps of the European Forest Types (EFTs) for the demonstration sites obtained by photo interpretation of the images acquired by our drone in action B2.



Bosco Pennataro