Scientific Societies and Institutions

logoAIT.jpg   AIT (Associazione Italiana Telerilevamento)  –

The Italian Society of Remote Sensing is involved for tranfering good practices in the use of multiplatform and multisensor remote sensing for monitoring forest resources. The FRESh LIFE project is involved in supporting AIT activities such as sponsorship of conferences and workshops. FRESh LIFE news are published on the AIT website too.

SISEF_geomatica.png   SISEF  –

The Working Group on Forest Geomatics of the Italian Society of Silviculture and Forest Ecology is active in promoting the use of spatial tools and remote sensing for supporting the sustainable use of forest resources. The FRESh LIFE organised a special session at the XI SISEF congress held in Rome from 10 to 13 October 2017.

LIFE projects



LIFE14 ENV/IT/000514  –

The LIFE project Future For CoppiceS is aimed at developing and promoting a better knowledge of coppice forests for a more sustainable management of this important source of ecosystem services. The methods for UAV remote sensing developed in FRESh LIFE can be useful for acquiring information to support coppice forests management. For this purpose in August 2016 we used our eBee UAV to create 3D spatial information on one of the test sites of Future For CoppiceS.

LIFE+ForBioSensing    LIFE13 ENV/PL/000048 –

The aim of the LIFE+ project ForBioSensing is to develop and apply a monitoring method for the Białowieża forest (Poland) with the use of innovative techniques and data, including multiple types of remotely sensed information. Both FRESh LIFE and LIFE+ ForBioSensing are focused on forest remote sensing tecniques, for this reason Prof. Krzysztof Stereńczak (Forest Research Institute), coordinator of the LIFE+ ForBioSensing visited in February 2017 the geoLAB – Laboratory of Forest Geomatics at the University of Florence to start a scientific protocol for the common use of remotely sensed data. The first aim of the protocol is aimed at forest types mapping.

healthy-forest-logo       LIFE14 ENV/ES/000179 –

The LIFE project HEALTHY FOREST is aimed at applying advanced methodologies to achieve a more sustainable forest management at EU level in the field of control and prevention of forest decline caused by invasive and pathogenic agents. FRESh LIFE and LIFE HEALTHY FOREST agreed to share comunication and information on-line platforms for augmenting the impact of news and results dissemination. The application of UAV monitoring systems developed in FRESh LIFE for LIFE HEALTHY FOREST purposes (forest halth monitoring) are also foreseen.

life_logo_vertical.png                            LIFE12/ENV/IT/001054  –

LIFE+IMAGINE trough advanced environmental monitoring technologies is aimed at providing information to support coastal management. UAV technologies implemented in FRESh LIFE can be succesfully used for monitoring these environments. The geoLAB – Laboratory of Forest Geomatics at the University of Florence signed for this purpose an agreement with LaMMA Consortium for Environmental Modelling and Monitoring Laboratory of Tuscany Region, partner of LIFE+IMAGINE.

logo-life-comforest_alta                   LIFE12 ENV/ES/000148 –

The LIFE+ COMFOREST is aimed at the identification, monitoring and sustainable management of communal forests in Extremadura. For this reason UAV technologies operated in FRESh LIFE can be used for acquiring updated and detailed information for specific forest areas.  FRESh LIFE and LIFE+ COMFOREST agreed to share news and results dissemination trough common comunication and information on-line platforms.

Schermata 2019-05-15 alle 12.32.31      LIFE15 CCM/IT/000141 –

Climate Change Mitigation Through a Sustainable Supply Chain for the Olive Oil Sector

Other projects

GOSURF_logo           GO SURF –

GO SURF is a project funded by the european program for rural development and, like the FRESh LIFE, is aimed to create a Forest Information System useful for achieve the goals of Sustainable Forest Management.