Unione dei Comuni Valdarno e Valdisieve

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UCVV is a public administration which began its operations in Dec. 2010 following the changement from Montagna Fiorentina Mountain Comunity. The mission statement of UCVV is to support the growth of the forestry and agriculture sectors and, in general, the economic and social development of the rural territories in seven municipalities: Londa,San Godenzo,Pelago,Rufina,Reggello,Rignano sull’Arno e Pontassieve,in wich forest coverage rappresents 70% of the whole territory. UCVV manages forestry resources of his territories (private and public) in ways that make a large contribution to sustainable development, through their projects and services.UCVV developed several enviromental projects which is aimed at reducing fire risk, climate change mitigation, green energy production and the creation of local green jobs.

a) aims to promote, encourage and coordinate all initiatives of economic, social, environmental and tourist promotion in the mountain areas,
b) in the context of the actual legislation, it works for environmental protection;giving licenses for chopping woods, excavations, etc
c) protects and promotes culture and local traditions, the historical and religious patrimony
d) realizes actions and projects about technical education for living and working on mountain areas;
e) encourages economic, social and cultural initiatives with the aim of strengthening the relationship between the local dimension and the principles and values of the European Union.
f) directly manages about 4000 rural area hectares of public property (Tuscany Region),

The UCVV plays a very active role in the development of renewable energetic sources and in particular of biomasses and “minihydro” power plants. From 2004 UCVV has realized 4 heating system, powered by a wood chip boiler in 4 different municipality, 3 plants for the production of electricity (1 minihydro and 2 fotovoltaic roofs) The Fresh LIFE proposal fits perfectly in the objectives of the UCVV.