Action B.2 – New Data Acquisition

The main aim of this action is to acquire new information in order to complete the ones collected in the Action B1 to form the entire dataset needed for the implementation of Action B3 (Mapping SFM indicators). On the basis of data needed for the achievement of Action B3, new field and remotely sensed data will be acquired. The final scope of this action is to complete the repository data with the acquisition of those data not yet available in study areas.

This action is divided into three main parts: assessment of collected data in Action B1, acquisition of new geospatial data, and acquisition of new field data.

Assessment of collected data in Action B1

The evaluation of the data acquired in Action B1 was carried out based on the requirements necessary to carry out the Action B3 (Mapping SFM indicators), in order to put the ones not available or not suitable in the list of the missing data.

For each demonstration site, the inventories data were evaluated according to the following criteria:

– type of survey;

– size of the sampling plots;

– selection method of the sampling plots;

– year of execution;

– precision of the geographical position of the center of the plots.



Acquisition of new geospatial data

The acquisition of new remote sensing data has started in May 2016 with a campaign of flights that initially will interest three of the four demonstration areas. Indeed, because the demonstration site of Decima-Malafede is close to the airport of Ciampino, the preparation of the flight plan for this area is complicated due to the new restrictions introduced by the national legislation that regulates the flights with drones. For these reasons, we have decided to temporarily exclude the area of Decima-Malafede from the first flight campaign.

For the study areas of Rincine, Caprarola and Bosco Pennataro, we are acquiring multispectral data by the fixed wing RPAS “eBee”, which has been purchased by the University of Florence for the purposes of the project, and Lidar data by helicopter RPAS developed by the beneficiary partner Oben.

Acquisition of new field data

Concerning the acquisition of new inventory data, following the assessment carried out on the existing data, we decided to create a new campaign of field surveys that will interest all the project’s demonstration sites.

In each site, 50 squared plots with sides of 23 meters (area of the plot 529 m2) have been selected by UNIMOL in collaboration with CREA and UNISI using the one-per-stratum stratified sampling scheme (Brus et al., 1999; Barabesi et al., 2012).

Fieldworks have been initiated in the area of Rincine, Caprarola and Bosco Pennataro, to standardize the collection of data in the plots, UNIMOL in collaboration with UNIFI and UNITUS has prepared a survey protocol that describe in details all the field measurements in terms of methods and variables to be collected.