The University of Florence (UNIFI) is a public institution which is one of the largest organizations for research and higher education in Italy. UNIFI consists of 10 Schools. Scientific research is carried out in the 24 Departments of the University, grouped into 5 major areas: Social Sciences, Humanities, Scientific, Technological and Biomedical areas.

UNIFI will participate to the FRESh LIFE project by means of the Department of Agriculture, Food, Environment and Forestry (DAGRI)

DAGRI has a long research history in the main traditional fields of forestry research such as genetic, forest ecology, silviculture, forest management, forest operations, forest inventory and biometrics, remote sensing and GIS, forest fires prevention, forest fire recovery, and wood technology. DAGRI has expertise in the field of introduction and cultivation of exotic forest species, forest plantation, silviculture and management, forest operations, forest inventory, theoretical foundations and evolution of forest management. Its main interests and recent experience include forest management in nature conservation areas, silviculture, sustainable forest management and biodiversity conservation, systemic approach in forest management and planning, forest naturalization, forest geomatics.

DAGRI has a lot of research laboratories; one of the them is the Laboratory of Geomatics (geoLAB, https://geolabforest.blog/) which is member of the Italian network of forest geomatics laboratories (forestlab.net). geoLAB has a large experience in remote sensing analysis, GIS modeling, and field survey campaigns based on GPS receivers. geoLAB has participated to national and European projects related to the application of remote sensing and geomatics supporting forest inventories and the sustainable management of forest and environmental resources.