Comune di Caprarola


Caprarola is located on a tuff spur at 520 m a.s.l. on the southern slopes of the Cimini Mountains and to the east of the Lago di Vico, between two main consular roads, Cassia and Flaminia, at 60 km north of Rome. The municipality covers an area of about 60 km2 with a population of about 5,600 inhabitants.

The most important feature of the territory is the presence of a mosaic of ecologically different habitats in a limited geographical area therefore in contact with each other. Approximately 800 hectares are occupied by forests. Thanks to the oceanic climate, large extensions of centuries-old mesophilous forests dominated by beech with Turkey oak, chestnut, maples and other broadleaves are the main components of the landscape.. Hazel and chestnut groves are the primary economic resource in the area. The varied habitats enable a rich fauna to live, and particularly that linked to forests and the Vico Lake.

In 1982 the regional Natural Reserve of Vico Lake has been established to safeguard wildlife and territorial integrity of Vico lake and surroundings and to support and promote sustainable economic activities.. The municipality of Caprarola is involved in the management of the Natural Reserve under the supervision of the Region Lazio.

The forests of the municipality are managed by a forest management plan effective from 2007 to 2022. In partnership with UNITUS the municipality of Caprarola arranged study and research to realize an Utilization Plan of Farms to safeguard especially the Vico Lake.