Oben performs aerial surveys based on drones (multicopters, airship) using sensors selected according to specific application requirements, including visibile (camera, video), LiDAR, near and thermal infrared. It processes data with state-of-the-art, and internally custom-made algorithms, delivering raw optimized data as well as processed and geo-referenced products (e.g. DEM, 3-D models), and abstraction-level information (e.g. thematic mapping, custom indicators). Aerial vehicles (RPAS) used have state-of-the-art automatic controls and security systems, and comply with Italian and European regulations.

In particular, concerning LiDAR, Oben is the first company in Italy, and one of the very first in Europe, that has a LiDAR already operational on RPAS.

Oben is an academic spin-off of the University of Sassari, Italy, and collaborates with La Sapienza University of Rome as well as several other Universities in Italy and abroad. It is active in particular in photogrammetric surveying, archaeology, forestry, topography, precision agriculture, security. It has participated in national and international projects. In particular, it is partner of contract SAFEDEM (Space Assets For Enhanced DEMining), with ESA (European Space Agency) where it provides LiDAR survey service for minefields, and mine hazard indicators extraction. It is service provider for the national project (PRIN) IDEM, where it performs LiDAR survey for forestry applications.