Developed among four locations – Campobasso, Isernia, Termoli and Pesche (Is) – six departments are active within UNIMOL.

In particular the research activities within the project will make use of the skills of researchers from the Forestry Group of the Department of Biosciences and Territory. The competences of the research group are very large, considering the large number of research staff, and will allow a full coverage of the skills required to carry out the project. The forestry group has at his disposal several spaces at the site of Pesche. In particular, there are two large laboratories. The first includes all equipment, with various computers, workstations, printers and plotters including a wide range of data processing software, statistics and calculus. The second is the technological part as it provides various tools for wood transformation and specific tools for the technological characterization of wood material.

The research group of the DiBT Department and operating under the Forestry Sciences promotes, coordinates and participates in research activities at national and international level aimed primarily to address issues in the field of sustainable forest management and characterization of woody material. The intense research activities of the group on these issues is demonstrated by numerous scientific publications and participations in important national and international research projects.

DIBT is partner of national research projects such as FIRB “MIMOSE – Development of innovative models for multiscale monitoring of ecosystem services indicators in Mediterranean forests” and PRIN “Development of innovative methods for forest ecosystems monitoring based on remote sensing”. Furthermore, DIBT is partner of european research projects such as FP7 INTEGRAL “Future-oriented integrated management of European forest landscapes” and 7FP FORMIT “Development of management strategies for planted and managed forests to increase mitigation capacity”.