Report from the Final Event in Caprarola (VT)

The FRESHLIFE event, organised by Caprarola Municipality with the sponsorship of the Order of Agronomists and Forestry of Viterbo, took place in Caprarola on 29th November 2019. The workshop showed the results of the LIFE project and practical proposals for Monte Venere area, one of the three study area of the project.

After the registration of the participants, the Mayor of Caprarola, Eugenio Stelliferi, opened the workshop with greetings and thanks for the Project activities carried out by the Municipality of Caprarola, in synergy with University of Tuscia. After brief considerations on the necessity of forest management, the Mayor gave the floor to prof. Portoghesi.


The first presentation outlined the main targets of the project, on the basis of the principle of sustainable forest management and forest multifunctionality. First, currently recognized forest functions and the ideas of sustainable development and sustainable forest management were point out. Then, on these basis, the FRESHLIFE project was introduced and the goals of the project, the partners involved and the actions carried out were explained to the audience.


Dr. Tomao, following Portoghesi’s presentation, detailed the tecnichal approach to collect field data and to acquire remote sensing data (Action B2) and explained the main project results (Action B3). The last presentation, by Dr. Cruciani, introduced practical proposals within the actions B4 and B5, with particular reference to the Monte Venere area. The proposals are based on the implementation of the geographic decision support system for the forest resources management (Forest Information System – FIS ) as result of the action B4.


The audience took part in the final discussion with comments and questions, expecially related to the practical proposals, in response to the recent adoption of the Forest Management Plan supporting a strictly conservative management of Monte Venere forest. Dr. Vincenzi Andrea, who followed the project on behalf of the Municipality, drew the workshop conclusion.


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