GO SURF and FRESh LIFE together for Sustainable Forest Management

Yesterday, in our demonstration site of Rincine, took place a meeting between the researchers and the stakeholders for discuss about the importance of a decision supporting system in Sustainable Forest Management. It was a good occasion for share the first results of FRESh LIFE and show the efficiency of our eBee by a demonstration flight. Here below some photos of the day!

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FRESh LIFE at PhDday 2017


Yesterday in Florence took place the 8th PhDday organized by the University of Florence.

The PhD-day is an event that brings together the academia from different fields of study and undergraduate students to allow building a scientific research network in the University of Florence.

This year, the PhD-Day8 is opened to all the PhD students of the University of Florence and welcomes the partecipation from all areas of study. PhD students had the unique opportunity to share their work and find unexpected common interests while discussing their findings with colleagues from all departments and research institutes of the University of Florence.

Here below a photo of the poster presented by Barbara Del Perugia about the “Comparison of two Remote Sensing Techniques (Aerial and Terrestrial) with Traditional Field-Based Method for Forest Inventory”.


At this link you can find the pdf version of the poster: Pubblications

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FRESh LIFE celebrates the twenty-fifth anniversary of LIFE programme

LIFE & Foreste

FRESh LIFE participated to “LIFE & Foreste” an event organized for celebrating the 25th anniversary of the LIFE programmes in the forest area in Italy. Together with other projects we had four different presentations dedicated to different audience. A good way to disseminate the project aims and results!

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The University of Florence (UNIFI) has designed various free tours to the places in Tuscany (Italy) that were involved in the development of the 14 ongoing LIFE projects which are currently ongoing at the Univerity of Florence.

Also FRESh LIFE project takes part to this initiative, here below the link with all the details!


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Monitoring Visit in Caprarola

Last week took place the monitoring visit of our project. Hosted by UNITUS and the Municipality of Caprarola we spent two days talking about project progresses and perspectives with also a visit in one of our demonstration sites. Thanks to all the partners for collaboration!


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FRESh LIFE at “25 LIFE & Foreste”

LIFE & Foreste

On 19th and 20th of May in Florence will take place the event “25 LIFE & Foreste” for celebrate 25 years of EU supporting Nature, Environment and Climate Action through LIFE.

Also FRESh LIFE will participate to the event, stay tuned for more details about the program!


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Study Visit in Italy of the Slovenian LIFE Team (Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning)

Today, in our demonstration site of Rincine, we hosted the Slovenian LIFE Team that is come in Italy for a study visit. We had a presentation about project aims and activities and, after some questions from our guests, we moved inside the demonstration area for a small visit to the forest.

We are proud to represent Tuscany with our FRESh LIFE project!

Here below some photos of the day.

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eBee flight mission video

Our new video for the photogrammetric acquisition with the senseFly eBee drone in the demonstration site of Rincine is online on our YouTube channel!

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Networking meeting with ForBioSensing LIFE+ project

Yesterday in Florence we had our first networking meeting with Krzysztof Stereńczak coordinator of the ForBioSensing LIFE+ project.

After some presentations regarding the aim of our projects we started to examine how to collaborate and share our metodologies in order to reach common results.

Stay tuned for further news!

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Video of the Demonstration Events

The first project video made during the demonstration events of the last summer it’s online on our Youtube channel!

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