RomaNatura manages the system of Protected Areas entirely located in the Municipality of Rome.
The system includes 9 Nature Reserves “consisting of terrestrial, fluvial, lacustrine areas containing one or more species of flora and fauna of naturalistic interest, that is presenting one or more ecosystems important for the biological diversities or for the conservation of the genetic resources” (art. 5 R.L. n. 29/97) established by R.L. n. 29/97:

Marcigliana Nature Reserve (ha 4,696)
Valle dell’Aniene Nature Reserve (ha 620) Decima Malafede Nature Reserve (ha 6,145) Laurentino Nature Reserve (ha 152)
Tenuta dei Massimi Nature Reserve (ha 774) Valle dei Casali Nature Reserve (ha 469) Acquafredda Nature Reserve (ha 249) Monte Mario Nature Reserve (ha 204) Insugherata Nature Reserve (ha 697)

2 Regional Parks established before the creation of RomaNatura: Aguzzano Regional Urban Park (established in 1989 – ha 60); Pineto Regional Urban Park (established in 1987 – ha 243)

2 Natural Monuments “habitats or environments of limited size, ancient specimens of plants, geological or paleontological formations presenting features of great naturalistic and/or scientific value.” (art. 6 R.L. n. 29/97):Mazzalupetto Natural Monument – Quarto degli Ebrei (ha 180); Galeria Antica Natural Monument (ha 40);Parco della Cellulosa Natural Monument (ha 100)

1 Marine Protected Area established by the Decree of the Department of the Environment on 29th November 2000: Secche di Tor Paterno Marine Protected Area (ha 1,200)

The existence of RomaNatura has many important advantage: it facilitates a better understanding of the urban ecosystem; it represents a specific and sole reference in the field of environmental protection; it promotes better coordination of activities in protected areas; it facilitates communication between the public administration and private citizens and associations; it permits cost-effective management of a broad set of areas.